One of our favorite campsites...

This weekend, Dean, Blake, and myself, went up to our favorite places to camp. Lindsey Lake. We were talking about it during the trip and we decided that we had been here 5 weeks before. It seemed like that was just last weekend. Dean and Blake grew up going to fish at this lake with their grandfather. Dean showed myself, and our other friend, Wes, this spot the summer before we all went off to school. We went back one other time during school with our friend, Brandon. At this point we were hoping to make it an annual trip. Our schedules got busy, but after this weekend, we will definitely be heading up again more. 

We started off the morning, driving up to the lake and setting up camp. The campsites are all first come, first serve. We were a little skeptical on whether or not we would be able to get a spot, being that there was good weather, but we found a spot down the hill from the rest of the campers, just below the dam wall.

After we had our site set up, we decided to explore part of the area we hadn't been to before. Dean had done some exploration on Google Maps and had found a much larger lake further up the service road. We followed Dean's advice and found  this gorgeous lake, set deep in the base of a bowl surrounded by mountains on one side, and trees on the other. We hiked around the shore and took a short cut back to camp. Despite the cold water, the lake looked so tempting to jump into. This trip, of course, was the one time that I forgot to bring my boardshorts along with me. 

After we made it back to camp, we set up the slackline, brought out the fishing pole, and flew the drone a bit. After an unfortunate turn Blake ran into, with the drone and a tree, we sat down for a deliciously homeless dinner of Ranch Style Beans sliced with Jalapenos. The rest of the night smelled great, to say the least. 

The second morning we woke up to catch the sunrise, which took almost 30 minutes to clear the ridge over the lake. We were left to stand there with our hands around our coffee mugs, trying to keep our hands warm in the 40 Degree weather. The sun finally rose, we snapped a few pictures, enjoyed our bacon and coffee, packed up camp, and headed back down the hill. Overall, it was a great weekend to relax in the woods. A little cold at night, but we'll be catching up on our sleep in a nice warm bed the next couple days.  

More shoots and big trips scheduled soon. // Roam Often. 

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