The last leg of our trip was spent in the Northern Region of Spain, also known as the Basque country. I personally knew nothing about the Basque culture before my trip. Thankfully, Mel had been studying in Bilbao, Spain for the past two months and knew all about it. 

While she was in class I went around and explored the city looking at the extravagant architecture. Home to one of the Guggenheim museums, the streets in Bilbao are a wonderful combination of modern art and elegantly historic architecture. It's hard to see what is right in front of you when your eyes are often caught up in the sky. 

Throughout the days we spent in Bilbao, we took trips to San Sebastien, a jaw-droppingly beautiful city right on the edge of the coast. The hills on the coast are scattered with buildings big and small, leaving only the imagination to believe what it would be like to wake up with those views every morning. 

From San Sebastien, we traveled further north to Biarritz, France. We spent the day walking along the coast, not realizing that compared to the map, the city itself is fairly small. We weren't paying attention and completely walked off our map that a concierge had given us. While in France, we enjoyed delicious pizzas, a chocolate museum, and sipped French wine. One of the highlights from Biarritz was meeting a surfer who was living out of his van. He was a surf instructor for half the year while the other half he spent driving around Spain and Portugal chasing swells. 

One of our last stops was to the Oma Forest. The Oma Forest is an art exhibit tucked back in the middle of the woods. The artist uses multiple trees as a canvas and from a certain angle, you are able to see her final piece. There were many eyes painted on the trees and with the stormy weather, it made for a very ominous feeling. 

We spent our last day in Bilbao walking around the city, we had lunch at a tapas bar, then went on our last dinner date of the trip. Getting to hear so much about Mel's home before I came, it was a great feeling to actually see everything in person. It was all better than I ever imagined. Thanks, Mel!  

Brady NationsComment