The Highlands

After spending a day in Bilbao for Mel to take her classes, we flew back up north to Scotland! The first night we spent the evening walking around looking for a place for eat dinner. We walked for miles before we found a kitchen that was still open. 

The next morning I went and picked up the rental car and had my first first experience driving on the wrong side of the road! If I don't say so myself, things were going pretty smoothly, not stalling too many times, until we got a flat and spent the next two hours on a tow truck to our next destination. Which happened to be the coolest Air BnB I've ever stayed in! 

Having actually popped two tires, we got the car figured out and by about noon we were off and driving again to the Fairy Pools. The Fairy Pools was a series of waterfalls that ran down from the base of a mountain range through an open field. After surviving a rain/snow storm, we were greeted by golden sunshine, perfect for taking pictures and finding rocks. 

We had spent a couple hours at the fairy pools before we drove to our next Air Bnb on our way to Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we had a Scottish lunch, drank whiskey, and took a free walking tour where we learned all about J.K. Rowling and got to see what a lot of the elements in the Harry Potter books are based on. We also learned that the infamous "red wedding" episode of game of thrones was actually based on true events which happened at the Edinburgh castle in Scotland!


Many of the photos you see below, I used a polarizer filter to bring up the detail of the clouds, bring out the blue in the sky, and reduce the reflection in the water. The waterfall shots were taken with a combination of a 6-stop, solid, Neutral Density filter and a Polarizer to reduce glare and to create the smooth motion of the water falling.