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January 2017 is already off to a busy start. From paddle boarding and hiking at the beach, we took a week to get back on track before up to the snow to go snowboarding and snowshoeing! 

Two weekends ago, I visited Mel again in SLO for more paddle boarding, surfing, and hiking. Pretty much just how we started off the new year! It had been months, since I had actually surfed and it felt so good to get back in the water. Mel paddled around in Morro Bay, while I took the north side of the rock to catch a few waves on the trusty "COYB" storm (Costco Soft-top). Looking back now, I feel as though I took being so close to the ocean for granted and I have such a craving to surf and photograph more waves. But I'll be back soon to catch more! The whole time I was in the water, I was dying to take some pictures, so we compensated by grabbing some up along Prefumo Canyon on the rainy afternoon. 

The next day, we took a hike up Avila Ridge, during a break in an otherwise stormy weekend. The entire rest of the time, I'm pretty sure we stayed inside and watched the rain pour down. Mel had done the Avila Ridge Hike a while before, so it was nice for us to enjoy it together for my first time. If you ever end up hiking it and wondering why there aren't any more swings on the trail, Mel broke the last one... The rest of the time was a mad dash to catch my bus on time, as I had the wrong time, ticket and little desire to leave. 




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