Back to the Skys

For years, Kyle has been taking me flying with him in his single engine airplane. When we used to live together in SLO, he had his route around town, where we'd fly up to Morro Bay, down along Montana de Oro, around the coast to Pismo and back up to SLO. These were some of the greatest study breaks I've ever had during finals weeks. 

Kyle has been hard at work flying larger airplanes around the world. It's a treat to hear about all of the places he gets to go to. We haven't been able to take the Mooney up together for a few months and it was great to be at his right seat again. And it was a perfect day for a little sightseeing trip of San Luis Obispo.


I don't think I've thanked Kyle enough for how much he has inspired me and pushed me to pursue my own passions. I always look up to him and his passion and hard work push me to pursue mine. Let alone we have a great fricking time on all our trips. We've torn up SLO, Hawaii, GB, SD, SF... to name a few. 


Keep an eye out for some more photos and edits of our boating trips this summer. It's gonna be a blast. 

Brady NationsComment